5th July Winter Menu

Melt, bacon avocado & cheese 9.00

Melt, roast beef, asparagus, caramelised capsicum, cheese and aioli 9

Chicken schnitzel caesar wrap with avocado 12

Portuguese chicken burger 14

Soup of the day 10

Fettucine with sweet potato and sage sauce 14

Cheese and spinach tortellini with spiced tomato sauce 14

Pork fillet steak with creamy tarragon and mushroom sauce on toasted ciabatta 14 specials

Bacon & egg roll with large coffee 10

Ham, cheese & tomato Toasted s/w with large coffee 10

Saturday 2nd July winter menu

Melt, avocado bacon and cheese 9

Soups –  minestrone

–    curried cauliflower

–   potato, bacon & leek                                                   all served with croutons or toasted ciabatta 12

Ricotta & roast vegie tortellini with roast capsicum & maple sauce 14

Sweet beef curry and rice topped with Greek yoghurt  14

Cream garlic prawns with fettucine 16

Portuguese chicken burger 14

Chicken schnitzel caesar wrap 12

Ham, cheese & tomato toasted S/W with large drink/coffee 10

Bacon & egg roll with large coffee 10

Menu Wednesday June 8

  • Bacon, avocado & cheese melt
  • Home-made lasagne & salad
  • Home-made potato, bacon & leek soup w/ toasted turkish
  • Home-made pumpkin soup w/ garlic croutons
  • Chicken schnitzel caesar wrap
  • Portuguese chicken burger
  • Spinach & ricotta tortellini w/ sweet potato sauce
  • Sweet potato, salmon & leek frittata w/ salad
  • Pumpkin, spinach & brie tart w/ salad

Future Shorts @ Mezzanine


18+ due to varied themes