Saturday Nights @ Mezzanine


We’re open Saturday nights leading up to Christmas! Here’s our snazzy night menu with all the details! Call some friends and book! x

Future Shorts – This SATURDAY

Future Shorts film screenings are now happening quarterly rather than monthly and are on this coming Saturday.

There is an OPEN MIC from 7-8pm with the films from 8-9.30pm.

Open mic will continue from 9.30 until you’re all content!

Tix are $10, with bar and snacks also available.
See you Saturday!

Also, a bit of a warning. There is some R rated content possibly screening.


The times they are a-changin’.

We are closed again tomorrow as well as today! We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is for a GOOD cause. NEW COFFEE MACHINE AND COFFEE. I smell change. We always said there’d be changes before Christmas. Much love and see you Thursday!

Here are some pictures with our new shiny, efficient, delicious toys.



More photos can be found here.

Friday opening hours

At the moment we will not be opening late on  Friday nights,  finishing the day at 5.00pm. Have  good week-end.