Menu Monday July 12th

  • Lasagne Beef or Chicken & pumpkin with winter green salad 14
  • Portuguese Chicken Burger 12
  • Melt (Bacon, Avocado and cheese) 8
  • Chicken Schnitzel Caesar wrap 11
  • Quiche with winter green salad 11
  • Beef Nachos 12
  • Turkey, Cranberry,  Brie and Lettuce toasted foccacia 12
  • Warm roast Pork open sandwich on sour dough with nashi and slaw 12
  • Ravioli with roast capsicum sauce 14

Mezzanine’s Monthly Bazaar

To be held in August, Mezzanine is looking for vendors of local produce, art and other quality goods to hold stalls in Mezzanine for a market bazaar. About 15 stalls can be housed so please express your interest!
Get a group together or go your own, some ideas for stalls include fruit and veg, condiments and jams, handmade clothing, vintage clothing. Contact Janine if interested!

How to enjoy a hot chocolate:

0709 352

0709 357

0709 360

The Mezzanine Coffee Bean

My tastebuds were the first to know,
(Instructions from my brain)
“Lick your lips, enjoy the taste”,
and “more please of the same”

The aroma filled my nostrils,
My heart began to pump,
I knew that it was happy..
I could feel its steady thump

I start my day with coffee,
It’s been my friend for life,
I couldn’t do without its kiss
(You can even ask my wife)

“Can I have another coffee darling?
Some raisin toast as well?”
“You’ve only got instant left?”
(I’ve died and gone to hell)

(author unknown)