The Mezzanine Coffee Bean

My tastebuds were the first to know, (Instructions from my brain) “Lick your lips, enjoy the taste”, and “more please of the same” The aroma filled my nostrils, My heart began to pump, I knew that it was happy.. I could feel its steady thump I start my day with coffee, It’s been my friend […]

Mega Hot Chocolate

Drink Special! With chocolate chunks, wafer sticks and marshmallows. Mmmm. $5

Fresh Hot Pies

Brrr. It’s a bit chilly out there! Mezzanine now stocks fresh pies sourced from Roberts Bakery in Orange. Eat in or for a fast takeway, they are $3.70 for plain or $4.20 for¬†speciality¬†flavours. Check instore for the daily selection.

Hello Mezzanine Lovers!

We are up and running! Check back for featured events and food and drink specials.